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"Helping good people through difficult times."

Providing friendly, effective, and competent legal representation to local communities.


Located in Kirkland, Washington, we proudly represent individuals and businesses throughout western Washington.  But with so many law firms and legal service providers out there, how do you know which one to choose? We think the answer is obvious:  Us!  Here are a few ways we set ourselves apart from other legal service providers thereby making ourselves unique.


Our hard work, dedication, and commitment to deliver high quality legal services is apparent in everything that we do.  By the time you seek legal assistance, you are already feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed.  You cannot afford someone who fails to deliver quality services.  Because we take an interest in helping you to succeed, you can be sure that we will fight to ensure that your rights are adequately protected as well as make your experience is as least stressful as possible.  Let us take on your legal issues so you can focus on what you do best.


Some legal service providers view you as a dollar sign when you walk in the door.  We simply do not.  We actually take the time to get to know our clients.  By doing so, not only do we develop a better understanding of the issues you face, but it also allows us personalize and tailor our services to your specific needs. 

Also, you have probably experienced a lack of communication from other legal service providers.  Do your phone calls or emails often go unanswered?  Well, not with us.  We love hearing from our clients.  As a matter of fact, our clients probably hear more from us than we do from them.  This is because we are open in our communications and do an excellent job of keeping our clients informed.  Plus, our online client portal (including a phone app) allows our clients to access details about their case or even communicate with us 24/7.


Higher fees do not mean a higher quality of service.  We are proud of the fact that we deliver the highest quality of legal services while offering reasonable and affordable fees.  

Why?  Because we care more about you than your money.  We want to build a long lasting, professional working relationship with you and contribute to your success.

How?  We constantly reevaluate the way in which we provide legal services.  By operating under a high level of efficiency and coming up with new ways to serve our clients, we are able to keep our overhead costs low, which we happily pass on those savings to you through reasonable fees.  Do you feel like being nickeled and dimed by being charged by the tenth of an hour?  Not to worry.  We offer a variety of flat fee packages.  

Flat fees allow our clients to know up front exactly how much our legal services will cost.  Plus, flat fees encourage the open flow of communication between our clients and our firm because our clients do not have to worry about how much a phone call or an email will cost them.


Yes, that is right.  What also makes us unique is our willingness to go out to meet with our clients instead of having our clients come to us.  For businesses, it is almost like having your own in-house counsel.  We understand that time is money.  That is why we gladly come to you because your time is best served invested in your own business.  Plus, the only way to deliver the best legal service is to have a complete understanding and appreciation of your situation.  And what better way to do that than to have us come to you.


Our work does not stop once your legal matters have been resolved.  We will check-in with you periodically to see how you are doing.  We look forward to always being here for you and addressing your legal needs as they arise. Contact our office today at (425) 270-7291 or info@rosecranslawgroup.com and see for yourself why we should be the ones to represent you.